“Shitiping is a huge area of coastal terraces. Its landscapes include the developed sea terrain, wave-cut platforms, uplifted coral reefs, sea trenches and cliffs. The potholes, in particular, are one of Taiwan’s Number one sites.








Shitiping’s coast is rich in coral reefs, tropical fish, intertidal zones and tide pools from potholes. A variety of seaweed, fish, shellfish and other marine life dwell here. Shitiping is a great place to observe intertidal ecology and an excellent place for diving.
Shiti Level Ground has a well-equipped campground. Stay here and enjoy the sound of the waves on a starry night. It offers a wonderful experience.”
1.Shitiping no shading facilities, beach, sunlight intensity, and equipment to complete, in addition to Sun Hat, pants, long-sleeved, thirst-quenching water more indispensable.
2.The initial visit, we recommend that you walk along a wooden plank road, from the first wooden Pavilion next to a stone walkway, about 2 km long, you can see the sea, you can also see the coastal plants .
3.To view the intertidal zone, tourists can first check the Central Weather Bureau’s website. Select the time during the Chinese lunar calendar around the first and the fifteenth which is low tide time. It is also the best time to observe the intertidal zone .
4.If you ome here to sightsee or fish, please pay attention to the weather and tidal changes. Wear comfortable shoes and be especially careful when near the sea cliffs.

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Going south: Follow Highway 11 to Taitung, pass Jingpu. At the 65 marker, you will see Shihtiping.

Going north: Follow Highway 11 and go north. Pass Libin and Shimen, at the 65 marker, you will see Shitiping.
Going south: Take a bus from the Bus Station in front of Hualien Train Station to Fengbin, Jingpu, or buses that go to Taitung.

Going north: Take a bus from the Taiwan Tour Bus or from Ding Dong Bus that go to Hualien by the coastal line in front of Taitung Train Station.

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