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Chishang Lunchbox Museum

Chishang Lunchbox Museum is one of the specialties of Chishang Township in Taitung County. In 2002, the Chishang Township Office in cooperation with the Chishang lunchbox vendors established the “Chishang Lunchbox Museum”. The museum’s display areas include a historical and cultural area, a farm and farming tools area, a rice paddy culture area, a Chishang lunchbox area, and an old lunchbox area. The course of change and development of the more than 60 years of Chishang lunchbox history is explained through words and pictures. Early tools that were used for producing these lunchboxes have been fully preserved, allowing the museum not only to provide the public with opportunities to view the displays, but also to preserve culture and provide teaching.






Chishang lunchboxes have two main characteristics, one being the use of Chishang rice, and the other being the production of the splendid looking wooden lunchboxes. However, what most people do not know is, that during the Japanese occupation era, the first generation of Chishang lunchboxes were actually rice rolls wrapped in bamboo leaves that included stewed meat, carrots, grilled dried meat, pig’s liver, lean meat strips, a piece of egg flat-cake, fried shrimp cake, plums, etc. When stopping by Chishang Station, many railway passengers journeying between Hualien and Taitung would buy a rice roll from the vendors on the platform to relieve their hunger. Starting from 1962, the vendors switched from selling rice rolls wrapped in bamboo leaves, to selling meals in wooden lunchboxes, becoming the famous Chishang lunchboxes of today.

After the reputation of Chishang’s lunchboxes spread, Chishang rice and Chishang Township consequently became nationally famous. When you visit Chishang, why not take a look at the Chishang Lunchbox Museum? As you learn about the history of the Chishang lunchboxes, perhaps you will be able to taste its early flavor as never before.

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Address:No.259, Zhongxiao Rd., Chishang Township, Taitung County 958, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (on the west side of Provincial Highway No. 9 321km)