Ruisui Pasture

During the 1980s, Ruisui Pasture was a large papaya field. Every time there was a typhoon, the entire papaya crop, which had been painstakingly planted, would be wiped out. At that time, the landlord was thinking about American western movies, with cowboys riding horses, chasing cattle, and spiritedly and majestically galloping across the pastures. He joked with a friend, “Raising cattle would be good, because I’ve never once seen a pasture blown down by a typhoon. If I raised dairy cattle, I would not be affected by the typhoons!” He never imagined that these words, said in jest, would be the beginning of Ruisui’s dairy farming enterprise.







Using the fresh, irrigated water resources from the Central Mountain Range, shiny, dark green, fresh forage grass was grown on Ruisui Pasture, and over 300 sturdy and healthy Holsteins were bred. Due to the unrivaled good climate and high-quality water and grass, every cow on Ruisui Pasture can produce an average of over 20 kilograms of milk a day. In recent years, Ruisui Pasture’s fame has increased through the advertisements of Ruisui Uni-President Milk. In order to serve the tourists, Ruisui Pasture is open to tourists free-of-charge every day of the year, and provides extremely fresh, high-quality, nationally-marketed milk. Would you like to know just how fresh the milk is? We can tell you that as you sit outdoors in front of the pasture, and sip the fragrant, fresh milk, equally fresh milk is in the process of being transported to the food company’s milk factory.

In addition to the daily, freshly milked and boiled thick milk, visitors to Ruisui Pasture can enjoy the savory, warm, milk steamed buns. Even though these buns are not very large, with each bite, the mouth is filled with the taste of fresh milk. In addition, many deserts can be bought, such as cheesecakes, fresh cheese, nougats, and frozen dairy products, which are all very popular with the tourists. In the pasture’s gift area, many souvenirs with a pasture theme can be bought. These include cow puppets of various different sizes, various cow shaped cups, stationery, cutlery, and ornaments, etc. All of these products can only be bought at Ruisui Pasture!

As you hold a cup of fresh milk, and sit outdoors in the shade of the coffee stands, you can enjoy the fresh, pure, vast scenery, while sampling a large selection of milk products. You can fully soak in the carefree and leisurely holiday atmosphere. Perhaps this unique, alluring travel experience is a major reason why Ruisui Pasture is so popular with the tourists.

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Address:No.157, 6th Neighborhood, Wuhe Vil., Ruisui Township, Hualien County 978, Taiwan (R.O.C.)(Take the road on the west side at 273.9K, Provincial Highway No.9)