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Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Resort

The tourist orchard area and dairy cattle area are Chao Feng Ranch & Resort’s main agricultural and livestock production areas. Many different kinds of fruits are grown in the tourist orchard, including lemons, avocados, bananas, pomelos, kumquats, and oranges. Fruit picking takes place every year from October to April. Visitors can experience the joys of both picking and tasting this fresh fruit. The dairy cattle area is the main force of Chao Feng Ranch & Resort. In this pasture area of over 70 hectares, the pangola grass, a favorite of dairy cattle, is grown. Over 500 milk cows are bred in this area. The fresh milk that they produce all goes to well-known milk factories to be processed for selling to the public. The cow patties are used by the farm to make organic fertilizer, which in turn is used to fertilize the orchard, pasture, and botanical garden. Everything is put to good use, with the goal of self-sufficiency.

In addition to the pasture and orchard, Chao Feng Ranch & Resort, which has a zoo license, has set up an ecological bird park and parrot park. In all, over 200 kinds of birds, and over 100 kinds of parrots are bred. From their lively, healthy posture and bright, colorful feathers, it is apparent that the farm has devoted great effort into breeding these birds. There are many delightful animals in the animal section, including goats, spotted deer, sambhars, camels, llamas, Taiwan macaques, rabbits, sheep, and miniature ponies, all of which are extremely popular with the children. The insect and butterfly area has a netted butterfly garden that people can enter. Visitors can experience the amazing feeling of these colorful butterflies fluttering around them. In addition, for those visitors interested in plants, all kinds of unique plants can be found in the water plant ecology area, the greenhouse, the desert plant garden and the medicinal plant garden.











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Address:No.20, Yongfu St., Fenglin Township, Hualien County 975, Taiwan (R.O.C.)(Take the road on the east side at 323K, Provincial Highway No.9)