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At a altitude of 3275 meters, Wu Peak (phonetic sound Wuling) is to the north of Kunyang and is the highest spot of Taroko. Except to the west, there is a clear view of the surrounding mountains. The platform on the east side provides the most suitable place to view the scenery. The mountain landscape varies. It is the highest point on any Taiwan highway.

From April to June every year, if the weather permits, the Southern Cross Star can be observed. Wu Peak is positioned on the saddle between the main peak (3416m) and east peak (3421m) of Mt. Hehuan. The view of the peaks of Mt. Hehuan, and the Yushan cane clad slopes is magnificent.

When it snows during the winter, countless cars filled with excited people come to admire the lovely sight of Mt. Hehuan clad in white Mt. Hehuan is the best known place to see and play in snow in Taiwan. The area is famous for its name “Snow land”.

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